10 Surprising Facts about the Lottery

The lottery is a very curious thing; most people don’t pay much attention to it except for only ones at a time for some people. Here are some of the top ten facts about the lottery that you should know.

According to statistics from North American Association of state and Provincial Lotteries, people spend a lot on Lottery than all the other forms of entertainment.


Lottery can lead to loss of friendship; this is according to Camelot group who go on to say that 7% of winners report losing their friends after the victory.


Most of the winners lose their money at a faster rate because they buy very expensive things even those that they cannot afford and generously give a large amount of money to friends and relatives, leaving them broke even after the win.


Lottery preys on the poor since most of most people who put up their money for lottery tickets are on the lower end of the economic spectrum; this is according to a report from North Carolina which found that people buying the most tickets are those from the poorest counties.


Winning a lottery will not actually make you happier than before, one might think that pocketing millions might really make you happy for the rest of your life but it is indeed wrong, a certain study found out that winning big only resulted in a slight happiness that faded away very fast since the thrill of winning big eventually wears off after sometime.


Lottery staffs are prohibited from getting money or gifts from clients, all this is done to prevent bribery in order to get good numbers, therefore, there is no shortcut, you only have to put your all in it.


Buying tickets illegally is strictly prohibited; if found it can automatically mean you’ve lost the winnings.


It is important that you remember to sign your ticket for easy identification in case you misplace it.


There was a winner who ended up paying for a friend’s funeral because he felt that his win led to his friend’s death, after winning the lottery, he gave some of the winnings to his friend who purchased drugs and died from an overdose.

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Some states want the lottery winners to go public while others prefer the winners kept confidentially.